Presently working on two thrillers. Working titles:
"Prime Time Murder "
"Death for Rent "
Author of the treatments and screenplays, for his future direction. The TV movies will be produced for EAGLE PICTURES by Ciro and Stefano Dammicco, in co-production with other European countries, to be aired in Italy by RAIDUE.
The lensing of the first will start this October and the second in January, in locations to be defined. Both will feature an international cast.


"THE Recycler"
From an original story by Jordi, screenplay by Luca D’Alisera and Alessandro Capone
International Casting already underway, produced by Konstantin Thoeren for UFA International of Berlin.
Lensing scheduled to start: the spring of 2000 in Berlin
To be directed by ALESSANDRO CAPONE
Plans are underway for the company GALLI & CAPONE to make a theatrical comeback with another comedy touching upon the theme of Marital Difficulties at the threshold of the third millennium, an ideal follow-up to "Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" which was undoubtedly the theatrical cause célèbre of the past ten years.
Along with GALLI & CAPONE, this new comedy will feature the same technical staff as the former: set designer, lighting director, costume supervisor and naturally the same production – Alessandro Giglio's EAO.