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These trees stripped of their leaves

are skeletons from Auschwitz.

They have no flesh,

deprived even of their shoes.

All without watches

they don't know what time is,

but they always ask

what is the time to go home.

The wind whispers their discomfort

"But what have we done to you?

Why did you treat us so badly?"

This winter forest

looks like a massacre.

My dogs go back and forth

and they count the trees,

they talk to them.

They smell their scents.

The winter penury is terrible.

"Your greed is exorbitant.

You robbed us of every object.

But you couldn't take from us

our love for God".

The trees are in tears,

they cannot find any peace.

The trees are thousands,

they stick out of the earth

like an army of souls

looking for their place in a history

of wasted chances,

still looking for a place in Heaven,

where they are bound to go.

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