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 Curriculum vitae


Dr Alessandro Capone is full Professor of linguistics at the University of Messina (COSPECS). He has a doctorate from the University of Palermo and one from the University of Oxford, where he worked with James Higginbotham.


He has had professor Jacob L. Mey and Professor Istvan Kecskes as mentors, collaborators, associates, etc.


He is editor in chief of the series Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology for Springer and editor of the thematic issue of Intercultural Pragmatics on Pragmatics and Philosophy.


He has been part of the ASN committee (National Habilitation Committee) in Italy (sezione ricorsi).


He has been or was in the editorial boards of Journal of Pragmatics, Pragmatics and Society, Lingua, Intercultural Pragmatics, RSL (edited by A. Pennisi), Società italiana di filosofia analitica (Junior), etc.


He wrote various monographs and numerous articles in international journals.


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